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Yellow Green

Sponsorship Opportunity From

Bids are invited from influencers on YouTube and Instagram to drive website traffic and generate leads for Yellow Green through their content.
Urban Taga

Sponsorship Opportunity From Urbantaga

Bid are invited from lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, home decor influencers on Instagram to generate brand awareness for Urbantaga and drive traffic to their website. Platform: Instagram
Metro Brands

Sponsorship Opportunity From Mochi Shoes & Accessories

Bids are invited from Influencers on Instagram to promote Mochi Shoes & Accessories' Brand Communication through their posts on the platform. Gender: Male & Female
Gazeto Technosmart Pvt Ltd

Sponsorship Opportunity From Gazeto

Bids are invited from influencers on Instagram to promote Gazeto as a one-stop solution to buy, sell, and repair phone and gadgets and generate brand awareness. Location: Pune.

Sponsorship Opportunity From Gamezop To Promote Their Gaming Portal And Generate Conversion

Bids are invited from influencers on YouTube to promote Gamezop's gaming portal and drive a good engagement through integrated content pieces.
Fast and Up

Sponsorship Opportunity From Fast And Up

Bids are invited from Fitness influencers on Instagram from Mumbai for a paid collaboration opportunity from Fast and Up sports and energy drink, to drive sales of the product through their channel/profile. Deliverables: 2 static posts + 1 story + 1 video. The influencer must have 50K+ followers.